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Looking for Tyler Texas real estate?

Looking for a home for sale in Tyler Texas? Looking for East Texas real estate?

Tyler and the nearby East Texas communities of Whitehouse, Flint, Chapel Hill, Chandler, Lindale, Arp, Bullard, Tyler older colonialTroup, Jacksonville, and Frankston offer some of the best relocation values in East Texas. Tyler area homes are typically a variety of both older custom and recent custom homes with high quality construction and diverse layouts. But this variety of real estate listings in Tyler Texas can make the selection process for a buyer a daunting task!

Not only what to look for but where to look?

Great Tyler homes are to be found in every area, both inside and outside the city limits. The variety of styles, sizes, ages and conditions of Tyler homes appeals to a wide range of incomes. Tyler newer ranchFrom modest townhouses and condominiums to sprawling ranch houses… all can be found in the Tyler Texas area. And Tyler real estate values continue to rise year after year!

How about recreational lakefront property on Lake Tyler, Lake Palestine, or the planned Lake Columbia? Or the golf complexes of Hollytree, The Cascades, Emerald Bay, Eagle’s Bluff, Oak Hurst, or Hide-A-Way Lake? Or perhaps the desirable East Texas homes for sale in exclusive subdivisions like Cumberland Estates, Copeland Woods, Country Place, Deer Run, Stonegate, or The Woods?

Need assistance with a Tyler home builder or land in one of the new Tyler real estate developments a little further out like Kiepersol Estates, East Lake Woods, or Emerald Bay?

Looking for land in the country? Ranch or farm land acreage with or without a house? Some of the most beautiful Tyler Texas LOG homeEast Texas land is in the Smith County communities surrounding Tyler like Noonday, Troup, Flint, or Gresham. And Anderson, Henderson, and Cherokee Counties have tremendous values in land and houses for sale.



So where do you start?
By reading the real estate ads?

Or… by finding someone who already knows what’s behind the ads… all the ads… thousands of them… and who will save you time, effort and money?... a buyer’s agent.

Your relocation process involves not only selecting the right real estate but the right real estate professional… a buyer’s agent, a specialist, a REALTOR® who works with those whose job relocation or retirement require a professional who knows not only the specific land or homes for sale but the value and character of the neighborhoods, schools and communities. Best of all your agent would be an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR). And not only a real estate agent with an ABR but one who is a professional and a REALTOR® with experience. Proven experience. And hopefully with a CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), a GRI (Graduate of the REALTOR® Institute), an SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist), member of MLS, and even better, one who is a licensed Broker as well! (Buyer’s Agent)


[Still want to examine MLS listings? Do it here! Tyler MLS lookup (Tyler MLS)]

Very, very few REALTORS® have such credentials

But there is one in Tyler Texas…the most experienced buyer’s agent in East Texas…right here at Home Team Real Estate.

Let me represent you as a buyer’s agent and I will...the Buyer's Agent -- Dana Johnson

Save you time...
Save you aggravation...
Acquaint you with the community...
And likely save you money too!

Dana Johnson
Broker, ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES, e-PRO 


     4702 Troup Highway
     Tyler, TX 75703

 or 1-888-TEX HOME toll free

See my credentials

Why a buyer’s agent?
Aren’t agents all the same?
And why do I need an agent at all?

These are some pretty common questions asked by buyers. To answer we have the “short course” (Link) or the for-credit course “Buyer Representation 101” (Tyler Real Estate 101).


Buying a home is like buying shoes.

At the corner shoe store the clerk will try to sell you the shoes on his rack. Specifically the red ones that are size too small. Why? Because you are in his store and he only makes money if you buy his shoes. Whether they fit or not and at his price whether it is right or not. Just like shopping for-sale-by-owners.


If you go to a mall full of stores you see lots of shoes. You have lots of choices. And you can compare prices. But every sales clerk still wants you to buy his shoes. You do lots of work going from store to store.  And mall to mall. And just when you make up your mind… they either don’t have your size or the sale ended!  Everyone wants your money but no one cares about the color or the “fit." Just like going from ad to ad, from sign to sign, and from seller’s agent to seller’s agent.

But then there’s you… Cinderella!

You get smart. You get a ‘personal shopper’ to go store to store and mall to mall to check out the shoes for you. But first the shopper confirms your size. And your favorite color too. Then you relax while your  ‘personal shopper’ does the work. When the choices are offered there are only good ones to choose between. And no self-motivated sales clerks to pitch one or the other. The ‘personal shopper’ investigates the quality, locates the right color, tries the fit, and absorbs the hassle. Why? Because the ‘personal shopper’ only gets paid when you’re happy… regardless whose glass slippers you buy. And the fairy godmother… ahhh… ‘personal shopper’ does the haggling too. Right shoes, right price, less time, no hassle. Just like a buyers agent.
For extra credit:      Guess who gets the prince?
  (Do you have a fairy godmother?)


Now for an Advanced Degree in Buyer Representation...


Negotiation of Real Estate Sales Contracts 101

Real estate contracts are negotiated between buyer and seller using advocates (agents) for each side.  The parties can choose to use the same advocate or have independent advocates who are bound to serve one party exclusively.


Buyers and sellers have very different goals. The seller wants the most money he can get for his home. The buyer wants to pay only the “right price” considering the market and the condition of the home.

The seller puts on the “best face” for his property. He and his agent have dressed up the property and produced attractive advertising to present the owner’s house for sale in the best light. You, the buyer, must be a detective. You must scour the market to understand comparable sales and discover the true condition of the property. Many facts about the property can go undiscovered without knowledgeable assistance.

Seller Representation

When you see a real estate firm’s ad or a sign on a property for sale, all the agents in that firm represent the seller.  The firm representing the seller is called the “listing broker” --and he and all of his agents do not represent you, the buyer. They must put the interests of the seller first. And no one is representing you. But now consider…

“Buyer” Representation

As a buyer, you can have representation too!  You can have your own advocate. Your own “buyer’s agent” who must put your interests first. Your agent will develop a profile of your property needs and desires. She will locate all the possible properties. And she will help you become qualified with a lender. And much, much more… Here are some common questions buyers have asked Dana about Buyer Representation:


Q. Will I be asked to sign an agreement?

A. When you meet Dana for the first time, she will explain Information About Brokerage Services which gives detail about how REALTORS® work with the public.  This document suggests that if you choose to have a buyer’s agent represent you, you should enter into a written agreement that clearly establishes the agent’s obligations and your obligations.  You will receive a copy of the typical Buyer Representation Agreement and be given time to review it.  When all your questions have been answered, you and Dana will decide if you will enter into this contract together.


Q. Will I have to pay a fee?

A. Dana will seek to have the fee paid by the Seller.  If there is ever a situation that a Seller will not pay the Buyer Agent fee, you will be informed before you look at the house.  Currently, it is customary in the Tyler Texas area for the fee to be paid by the Seller. For certain properties a minimum fee will apply. Read our policy by following the link at the left.


Q. What about property “For Sale By Owner”?

A. Dana considers “For Sale By Owner” an excellent source of prospective properties for a buyer.  She frequently works with these owners who are generally very pleased to have a professional bringing a qualified buyer. Independent sellers, sometimes called “fisbo” sellers, like to have a professional ensue the transaction progresses smoothly all the way to closing.  And of course she will try to arrange to have the seller pay the fee. (Nearly always the case)

Dana will search ads for properties “for sale by owner” and watch for signs.  If you find one she has not located, she will be pleased to contact them for you and to explain her role prior to you viewing the home.


Q. What if I decide to buy a builder’s home or have a home custom built?

A. Dana is one of the very few REALTOR® members of Tyler Area Builders Association (TABA) and has worked with many buyers purchasing new construction homes both already complete and custom jobs.  Custom upscale Tyler kitchenShe has worked for many years with area builders.  She will be as involved in the transaction as the buyer and builder desire.  Dana’s knowledge of Tyler Texas real estate, the building process, and Tyler area builders will ensure that you get the home of your dreams! Dana is also aware of ideal home site land, even lakefront, land for sale that is not listed. And builders are normally accustomed to pay her fee.


Q. I am a first time home buyer… help!!!

A. Dana has assisted many first time home buyers. In fact you will learn whether you qualify for any first time home buyer programs. These are special low down or no down plans just for you!

Buyer’s agent?… or even better…
a buyer’s broker!

Dana Johnson is the most experienced Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) selling Tyler Texas real estate. 

Her experience and credentials are unmatched. She is a licensed broker and owner of Home Team Real Estate LLC and you deal directly with her.

So search the MLS listings, find some you like, and contact her today!

Contact me by e-mail at (Home Team Real Estate) or phone 1-888-TEXHOME toll free. Check my credentials (Tyler Texas Top Buyer’s Agent), download our brochure (PDF file), or visit Home Team at or

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